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Bostonserver offers high-quality Shared Hosting at an affordable price, making it a reliable option for individuals or small businesses. Our shared hosting package allows you to host multiple websites on a single server, reducing costs. As a bonus, we provide a complimentary DMCA protector service to all of our clients, helping them safeguard their sites from copyright infringement.

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Hosting Features

Instant Activation

Once you place your order, your services will be activated instantly and you can start using them right away.

High Performance

Fast website loading requires high server performance. Our high-performance servers ensure just that, for an optimal user experience.

Fast & Reliable

With our web hosting, you can enjoy lightning-fast speeds and reliable performance at prices that fit your budget with ease.

Multiple Data Centers

We have multiple data centers in our stocks. your website can load quickly from anywhere in the world, for a seamless user experience.

99.99 Uptime

We understand that server uptime is important to website owners. That's why we guarantee 99.99% uptime for all of our servers.

Money Back Warranty

BostonServer provides a 30-day money-back guarantee if you want this contact us for under 30 days.

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What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is a web hosting service where multiple websites are hosted on a single server, utilizing shared resources such as memory, storage, and CPU. It’s a cost-effective solution for individuals or small businesses with low-traffic websites. It’s easy to set up and maintain, which makes it a popular choice for beginners. Additionally, shared hosting is also known for its flexibility, as it allows customers to easily upgrade or downgrade their package as needed.

Is Share Hosting Safe For Website Owners?

In Bostonserver we are providing safe web hosting that is maintained by our security team expert. Also, we are providing Imunify360 software, which is protected against all kinds of malware attacks in real time.

How Much Traffic Can a Shared Hosting Site Take?

The traffic capacity of a shared hosting website varies based on the package selected. BostonServer offers various packages that provide a sufficient amount of traffic to support the growth of your business from the ground up. Be sure to review our packages and choose the best option for your needs.

What Is The Difference Between Shared Hosting And VPS?

Shared hosting and VPS differ in their resource allocation. Shared hosting allows multiple websites to share the same server resources, while VPS provides dedicated virtual servers with allocated resources for each website, ensuring better performance and scalability.

30 days money back satisfaction guarantee

If you are not happy with our services for whatever reason, we’ll refund your payment. No hassle, no risk.

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