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BostonServer is a reputable web hosting provider, we offer a variety of shared RDP services. Our shared RDP packages include a range of features, such as high-speed internet, 24/7 support, and multiple locations. We have the best reputation for reliable, secure, and cost-effective shared RDP services.

Shared RDP Plans

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Cloud Hosting Features

Instant Activation

Once you place your order, your services will be activated instantly and you can start using them right away.

High Performance

Fast website loading requires high server performance. Our high-performance servers ensure just that, for an optimal user experience.

Fast & Reliable

With our web hosting, you can enjoy lightning-fast speeds and reliable performance at prices that fit your budget with ease.

Multiple Data Centers

We have multiple data centers in our stocks. your website can load quickly from anywhere in the world, for a seamless user experience.

99.99 Uptime

We understand that server uptime is important to website owners. That's why we guarantee 99.99% uptime for all of our servers.

Money Back Warranty

BostonServer provides a 30-day money-back guarantee if you want this contact us for under 30 days.

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What Is A Shared RDP?

Shared RDP, or Remote Desktop Protocol, is a service that enables multiple users to access a single remote desktop or server at the same time. This allows for the sharing of resources and applications among users. It is commonly used in business and education settings where multiple users need to access the same software or data simultaneously. With Shared RDP, users can access and control the same server or desktop environment, which can be a cost-effective and efficient solution for certain use cases.

Why A Shared RDP Need For You?

Shared RDP is a cost-efficient solution for individuals or businesses that require multiple users to access the same software, data, and applications. Our Shared RDP service offers low-cost options for gaining access to shared resources and applications. Check our prices and get your RDP now.

Why is RDP Getting Disconnected Frequently?

RDP can get disconnected frequently for several reasons, such as poor network connectivity, outdated software, and server issues. Other possible causes include problems with your device, such as low memory or outdated drivers, and issues with the RDP configuration settings. Additionally, Network congestion, VPN connections, and low bandwidth can also cause frequent RDP disconnections. If you have any issue like this you should contact with us early.

How RDP Authentication Works?

RDP authentication works by verifying the identity of the user attempting to connect to the remote desktop. The user will enter a username and password, which is then sent to the server for verification. The server will check the credentials against its database of users and, if the credentials match, will grant the user access.

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